ACTA HUMANICA       Scientific Journal­


The journal accepts manuscripts in Slovak, Czech and English. Contributions should be submitted in Microsoft Word.

1. Theoretical studies - provide an overview and analysis of a selected phenomenon or a feature. The established text division of a theoretical study is basically non-existent. The author divides the text into chapters and subchapters on the basis of the content of the topic that is published.

2. Empirical studies - bring specific findings obtained through research methods. An empirical study should include parts such as basic theoretical backgrounds grounded in the current state of the issues under discussion; the presentation of the research objectives of the investigation (or research questions and hypotheses, respectively); Research methodology; results, discussion and conclusions.

3. Reviews - the aim is to review important publications falling within the scope of Acta Humanica. The review should not present only a description of the content and the presentation structure of the publication that is reviewed, but also actual critical thoughts of the author, the description of the strengths and weaknesses of the publication and contribution to the field.

4. Reports about conferences - information about the conferences and other events such as e.g., congresses, interesting requested lectures, etc.

5. Profiles (information about important personalities) - include profiles of significant personalities from the field of pedagogy, psychology and philosophy published on the occasion of their jubilee or death. Profiles contain basic biographical information, major publications and the contribution of the personalities to the given field.