ACTA HUMANICA       Scientific Journal­


The editors of the Acta Humanica journal accept all submissions from the field of socio-scientific disciplines with a pedagogical focus in Slovak/Czech and English language. The submissions need to be sent electronically in the Word format to the e-mail address

The submission length is a maximum of 20 standard pages (1 page of maximally 1800 characters), including images, charts, tables, diagrams, appendices. Subsequently, all received submissions go through anonymous double peer review process. In case the submission receives positive reviews from both the reviewers, it is then included in the issue. The reviewers are appointed by the editorial board. In case the reviewers do not recommend the submission to be published, or in case of unsuitable content, unsatisfactory level of language, or breaking of citation norms, the editors can send the submission back to its author for corrections, or refuse to publish it.

The length of reviews, reports on conferences and vignettes is 2-5 standard pages, whereas these types of submissions do not go through the review process but are only reviewed by the editorial board.

A solemn declaration is required to be attached to the submission about the fact that the submission has not been published in any other journal or work in the form being sent by the author. Each author shall be entitled to an author's copy which will be sent to them after the publication of the printed version of the journal. The author has a full responsibility for the authenticity of the work in terms of its form and content.

The criteria for contributions received

  • compliance with the content and formal criteria
  • scientific contribution to the field
  • originality of the presented scientific text (research results, empirical studies), we accept only submissions not having been published in another periodical, proceedings, etc.
  • the aptness of the abstract
  • keyword selection
  • the submission objective
  • the method (the thought process, the research method)
  • theoretical and methodological anchoring of the submission
  • work with relevant national and foreign literature

Article requirements

The introductory part has to contain the following:

  • the title of an article in the language which is used in the article and the title of an article in English (size 14, bold)
  • the names of authors (size 12, bold) + specifying the author responsible for correspondence
  • abstract - the maximum length of 200 words in the language which is used in the article (size 12); each part of the article (theoretical background, objectives, methodology, results, conclusion) has to be mentioned in abstract
  • key words (3 - 5 words in alphabetical order) in the language which is used in the article and also in English (size 12)

The main part of an article is formed by the text itself; the text begins on the next page. Times New Roman, size 12, spacing 1.5 and wide margins are used. Titles of particular parts of an article are written in capital letters (align text left). It is advisable to use the maximum of 3 levels of subheadings.

It is necessary to insert figures, graphs, tables, and other appendices into separate pages. The tables are labelled in numerical order starting with Tab. 1 and it is also necessary to provide the table title (align text left above the table). It is recommended that authors proceed identically with other figures, graphs, and attachments.

Citations have to appear directly in the text and need to have references to particular authors, years of publications, and cited websites. The list of resources appears at the end of an article. It is important that the list of resources and references are compliant with APA norms.

The final part of an article contains a contact address of an institution, author's name and surname with author's titles and email address.

Further formal requirements

  • Articles have to be sent in .doc or .docx formats
  • Margins should be 2.5 centimetres on the top, bottom, and sides
  • Font: Times New Roman (size 12)
  • Spacing: 1.5
  • Range: 10 - 20 standard pages